DTF Gang Sheets

DTF Gang Sheets




Please select the size before uploading the image file.

We are offering two options to upload your image file:

Select this option if you have already prepared your image / design file for printing, or if you require our help with image editing like background removal.
Choose this option to access self-service Designer Tool that gives you the flexibility to add text, size your graphics, build gang sheets, and more.

Custom Printed DTF Transfers are now available for delivery right to your door! Printed with YOUR logo or image, powdered, and ready to press onto your own T-shirts or other garments.

Just PRESS and DONE. No need to print your own transfers. Perfect for those who don't have enough volume to justify an investment into their own equipment / infrastructure, or if you want to try out DTF quality before you buy.

Our DTF Transfers work on both light colored garments (white etc) or dark colored garments (black etc) and applicable for T-shirts, Caps, Shoes, Canvas Bags, Masks and more (cotton, polyester, poly-cotton blends).

No setup costs or other costs involved. Buy more, save more with volume discounts.

How it works:

  • First, choose your size option - each comes with 1 print of selected size, so you could design a file with multiple images within selected size area
  • Next, click on the "Image Upload" link above.
  1. Please size your image before uploading it. If you're selecting the A4 size for example, your image must be 8.25" x 11.75" in size, so you may need to crop/edit your image before uploading. You can use this to add multiple images together, with the size of your individual images that you are including within it sized to the dimensions that you want.
  2. We recommend to upload an image with a transparent background (PNG, GIF format) or vector (EPS, EPT, SVG format), we also accept (AI, PDF, PSD) files and be at least 300 DPI (lower than this is low quality).

If you cannot meet any of the above requirements, please select the optional "Product Design" option for an additional fee, this option is available on the payment page as additional service, and we will make the necessary design changes to your file before printing it. If you do not select this option, we will print the file you upload and you are responsible for having ensured that you met the above 2 requirements.

NOTE: Standard processing time is 2-3 business days for custom print orders over $100, and 3-5 business days for smaller orders. Shipping time is separate, we provide various shipping options at checkout, including expedited shipping.

Volume Discount:

  • Price (qty 1-9): $27.99 each
  • Price (qty 10-19): $25.19 each (10% off)
  • Price (qty 20-49): $22.39 each (20% off)
  • Price (qty 50+): $19.59 each (30% off)

Quantity discounts are calculated automatically at checkout.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day
Item #: 22X2-DTFTRANSFERS (22 in x 2 ft)
22X3-DTFTRANSFERS (22 in x 3 ft)
22X4-DTFTRANSFERS (22 in x 4 ft)
22X5-DTFTRANSFERS (22 in x 5 ft)


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